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KR3 is a Pro Shop. All of our bats are checked for quality at every step of production. All wood is hand selected directly at the saw mills and then hand graded upon arrival. Our bats are turned by experienced bat smiths with extensive knowledge of how trees grow and how each type of wood behaves and what it takes to make a high performance bat. We have very high quality standards both in performance and style and when bats leave our factory we are confident in their performance. For this reason, and due nature of the game, we do not replace wood bats. We do however stand behind all of our products and if you feel that anything aside from general usage or incorrect hitting has caused you to not be satisfied with your purchase please contact us immediately by phone or email.

warranty policy

We offer a onetime replacement within 90 days from the date of purchase on our Hickory and Maple Magnum wood composites, 60 days on our Superlite Fungo and 45 days on our Maple Fibre-Loc and Birch wood composite bats. The failure must have occurred during the normal use with real baseballs, be the direct result of a manufacturing defect. The wear on 45 day warranty bats must also show that bats have been indexed regularly during use. You can find the definition of indexing on our website on our Wood Glossary page found under the heading Quality In The Making.

Bats that meet the above requirements are to be returned to the store together with the original dated receipt and full contact information including shipping information and left to be reviewed by our sales representative. If the bat is approved for warranty replacement you will be contacted and a replacement bat will be shipped directly to you. Bats must still retain the decal on the knob of the bat containing the length and weight of the bat and the warranty code. If this comes off of the bat at any time the warranty is not valid. Items not covered include but are not limited to: abuse or misuse, bats used in a commercial batting cage or for team batting practices, cosmetic surface or structural conditions resulting from normal wear and tear or bats that have been altered or cupped. Warranty service can be refused to any person who, at the sole discretion of KR3, abuses KR3 product and/or KR3 warranty policy. There are no other warranties written or implied.