KR3 Player Pro Shop

Welcome to the KR3 Players Pro Shop. Your home for Custom Turned KR3 Bats. Choose from the same Maple, Ash and Birch we offer the pros! We pride ourselves on offering the best wood from the Northern Forests that feature excellent driving power and maximum durability.

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Over 100 Years Making High Quality Bats. Since 1908

  • - Split Stock and Straight Grain -
  • - Maple and Birch are Ink Dot Certified (Ash is not required to be ink dotted) -
  • - Vacuum Dried to Increase Hardness -
  • - Double Bone Rubbed for Maximum Driving Distance -
  • - Ash is graded to a Maximum of 8 grains per inch -

Treating All Ball Players as Professionals

  • - Sizing .010" off the Lathe -
  • - Hand Sanded to Weight and Balance -
  • - Personalized with your Name and Number -
  • - Choose from 150 Pro Patterns available from our Library or send us one of your bats -

Order Directly From Our President

  • - Each billet is inspected, weight and hand graded by our President with over 40 years of experience. -
  • - Trained by Professional Baseball in Slope of Grain and application of ink dot. -
  • - Standard Shipping 10-15 Business days. Rush Orders 5-7 Business Days -

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