Sweet Spot Trainer – Zone Training

$99.99 USD


Hitting on the sweet spot will drive the ball farther and make your bats last a long time. Using KR3’s Sweet Spot Trainer is the easiest way to learn how to do this consistently.
With the sweet spot highlighted in red on this trainer, you will receive instant feedback as you learn to master the technique.
Easily see how proper hits and miss hits change the distance and trajectory of the ball. Learn to adjust your form. Improves the feel for maximizing power off the bat. Improves hand-to-eye coordination. Use for tee work, soft toss, front toss, or live pitching. 


  • Pro Quality Northern Maple
  • All Sizes Feature a Black and Red Finish
  • Professionally Taped with Tiger Grip tape in White
  • Triple Coated High Gloss Finish
  • Red Sweet Spot 5.75” – 7.50” Options by 2” Diameter
  • On a Slim 1.5” Black Barrel


  • 31” – 5.75” Sweet Spot
  • 32” – 7.25” Sweet Spot
  • 33”- 7.50” Sweet Spot