birch crossover Drop 3 C243

$159.99 USD



The Finest Quality Hi-Impact Yellow Birch of the highest bat standards and from second growth forests being regenerated each year. The wood bat with the Best Impact Performance and the Longest Durability. In Drop 5 Models for Maximum Bat Speed. Every billet is sorted and graded on structural elements then accurately weighed to ensure excellent model consistency. The Birch Crossover is strengthened with fiberglass biaxial sleeving applied with our Special Rock Resin Epoxy which was designed by the President of KR3 with over 45 years of experience in making baseball bats and Produced Only for KR3. This bat allows for more Freedom to Hit Outside the Contact Area and almost eliminates breakage.

C243 Drop 3

Has all of the Birch Crossover Features as listed above.  The C243 Drop 3 Birch Crossover pattern features a standard knob and standard handle with a large barrel. Ideal Transition Bat from Aluminum to Wood or For Players Looking for a Large Barrel model with Maximum Bat Speed.

This is a discontinued stock. Once it's gone, it's gone for good.

  • Available in 34"
  • Cupped to Drop 3
  • High Shock Resistance
  • Finest Grade Yellow Birch
  • Fibreglass Sleeving up to Barrel
  • Applied with KR3 Special Blend Rock Resin Epoxy
  • Gloss Black Barrel with White Graphics
  • Dessert Camo Handle
  • 1.950/.950/2.550