Maple Composite Trainer C243

$129.95 USD


A High-Performance wood composite bat featuring premium grade maple which is further strengthened with a fibreglass biaxial sleeving applied with our special blend of Rock Resin Epoxy. In-house lab testing shows exceptional performance levels of strength, stiffness, durability, and maximum pop. As these bats are made to be training bats so they are slightly heavier than our other bats. See specifications below. The extra weight helps develops muscles used in a swing. Strengthens your core so you can turn on those inside fastballs with more power. Also strengthens your forearms so when you hit the outside pitches you have more power.


  • Available sizes 32.5", 33", 33.5", 34" 34.5"
  • Fibreglass biaxial sleeving 22” over the handle
  • Applied with our special blend of Rock Resin Epoxy for superior durability
  • All Bats Drop 1 to Plus 1
  • Finish- Black Handle with Red Barrel
  • 1.950/.950/2.550