St Marys Pat 5 Maple Composite

$129.99 USD


St Marys Maple Composite

High-Performance Bats that Give You the Freedom to Hit Outside the Sweet Spot without Breaking your Bat.  

  • Premium quality solid split stock maple
  • Fiberglass sleeving over the handle
  • Rock Resin Epoxy for increased durability
  • In-house lab testing ensuring high performance
  • Field testing to ensure extra pop and distance
  • A mix of Drop 1 – 4

    PAT 5

    Has all of the St Marys Composite Features as listed above. The St Marys Maple Composite Pat 5 pattern features a tapered knob and standard handle with a medium-plus barrel. Excellently balanced bat and a popular choice for all types of hitters.

  • Available in 31", 32", 32.5", 33”, 33.5", 34"
  • Navy Blue Barrel
  • Grey Handle
  • 2.000/.955/2.505